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Looking to buy quality equipment but unsure how to get started?
Just follow the guide below and you’ll be browsing for items within minutes.

Before You Can Buy

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4 Ways to Buy

To answer any questions you might have around the different buying opportunities we offer. The list below has information around all of our most useful buying/bidding types.


    Bidding starts with a low price and is raised incrementally as progressively higher bids are made, until either the auction is closed or no higher bids are received.

    • Buyers place competing bids to purchase a lot using a set increment
    • Overtime period for extended bidding is set by site
    • Highest bid at or above the reserve wins the lot
    • Set reserve
    • Hidden or open reserve
    • Set open and close time
  2. BUY NOW

    This is an immediate sale. A fixed price is set as an option to purchase the item immediately without having to bid.

    • Inventory can be immediately purchased at a set price
    • Set price
    • Set open and close time

    This is a negotiated sale between buyer and seller. Bidders can submit a bid, which will be presented to the seller for review. All bidders will be notified if any bid is accepted or declined.

    • Buyers can make an offer and then negotiate a sale
    • Offers are binding for seven days
    • Set open and close time

    Bidders are provided a specific timeframe in which to submit bids. These bids are hidden from all participants. The highest bid price is presented to the seller for review immediately after the auction closes. All bidders will be notified if any bid is accepted or declined.

    • Buyers place sealed bids to purchase lot
    • Seller can select the winning bid
    • Set open and close time
    • Can be part of an event or independent lot

Ways to Pay

Awarded lots are added to your shopping cart. Simply choose your payment method and an invoice is created.

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, American Express
  3. Bank Wire Transfer

For any payment questions, please contact Customer Support


Americas: +1 (800) 665-1042

Europe: +44 (0)207 098 3792

Asia & Australia: +86 400 820 98602